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Capturing the light: France in 35mm

The winter light in the South of France is hard to grasp, hard to explain and hard to capture. I think film comes close; as the shutter clicks something is immortalized and the light is fixed both in my mind and on the negative. These […]

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New Art: Seeing Singapore in multiple ways.

These multiple exposures were intentional. Shot on film, I crafted the back drop, noted down the subject of the exposures and then rewound the film to reshoot, this time inspired by an idea of contrasts and juxtaposition. These photos play with our perception, confusing our […]


Serendipity in 35mm

These double (and triple) exposures are proof that magic exists. Sometimes when you least expect it, you open the door and find that the richness of life lies behind what we actually see. These photos were taken on the same roll of film one and […]

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